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About Us


Kwik Kill Pest Control Inc. was founded by Bob Neerland back in 1979. Bob worked for another pest control company and saw a need for more customized service programs that better reflected the needs and concerns of their clients. At that time most pest control services were dependent on spraying chemicals on a monthly basis to prevent bugs. Bob had a wider vision of controlling pests which includes educating clients on the unique habitats that each pest needs to survive and by eliminating or modifying that habitat to create a hostile environment, pests would not be able to survive.

As business grew and Bob was exposed to more and more situations that his theories proved to be beneficial, he incorporated these ideas in all pest control programs. Today we call this approach to controlling pests Integrated Pest Management. We define IPM as the practice of using all available means in a unified program to eliminate a pest population. By having a thorough understanding of each pests needs for food, water, and habitat along with knowledge of their physical capabilities we will implement a program that will quickly eliminate present pest populations and prevent their return.

This approach has helped our business grow over the years by providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Today my son Ryan is Vice President, my wife Sandy is the office manager and my daughter Breanna has joined our family business as a service technician. We are truly a family business and are looking forward to providing our clients with top quality service for years to come.