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Safety & Health Info

Our Pets and Rodenticides

In an effort to keep children, pets and all other non targets out of any rodenticide placements Kwik Kill Pest Control Inc only makes bait placements in locking, tamper resistant bait stations.  Because bait consumption has a direct correlation to the body weight of an animal and the amount of rodenticide ingested very rarely will a non-target contact enough rodenticide to have any affect.  If a mouse weighs about one ounce it may only need a single feeding on a rodenticide to be affected, whereas a dog or cat weighing several pounds or more would need to consume a much higher amount of rodenticide to be affected.  In most cases more rodenticide than what is even placed in most locking, tamper resistant bait stations.  In most cases Vitamin K1 is an antidote to many rodenticides.  If you have any questions please give our office a call.

Click this link to The Veterinaries Guide to Accidental Rodenticide Ingestion by Dogs & Cats for more information.

Labels & MSDS

Listed below are our most commonly used materials. We provided both material safety data sheets (MSDS) and Labels for your information. Just another way Kwik Kill is serving you!

Labels and MSDS
Product Manufacturer EPA# MSDS Label
Advance Ant Bait Whitmire – Microgen 499-370 MSDS Label
Advance Cockroach Gel Whitmire-Microgen 499-507 MSDS Label
Advion Ant Gel Du Pont 352-746 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Bait Arena Du Pont 352-668 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Gel Du Pont 352-652 MSDS Label
Bifenthrin TI  SPECKoZ 279-3206-72113 MSDS Label
BioGel Pest West N/A MSDS
BioMop American Bio Systems N/A MSDS
Border Speckoz 100-1066-72113 MSDS Label
CB – 80 Waterbury 944-175 MSDS Label
Contrac Blox Bell Labs 12455-79 MSDS Label
Contrac Pellets Bell Labs 12455-69 MSDS Label
Demand CS Zeneca 10182-361 MSDS Label
Delta Dust Bayer 432-772 MSDS Label
D-Sect Glue Boards Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
D-Sect Invite Liquid Lure Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
D-Sect Invite Moth Lure Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
D-Sect Invite Multi-Lure Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
Dragnet FMC 279-3062 MSDS Label
Drione Dust Bayer 432-992 MSDS Label
Dual Choice Whitmire-Microgen 499-459 MSDS Label
Dual Choice 360A Whitmire-Microgen 499-496 MSDS Label
EcoADJUVANT EcoSmart Exempt MSDS Label
EcoEXEMPT EcoSmart Exempt MSDS Label
EcoPCO WP X EcoSMART Technologies Inc. 67425-25 MSDS Label
First Strike Soft Bait Liphatech 7173-258 MSDS Label
Generation Mini Blocks Liphatech 7173-1476 MSDS Label
Gentrol Wellmark 2724-351 MSDS Label
InTice Ant Gel Rockwell Labs 73079-1 MSDS Label
InTice Roach Bait Rockwell Labs 73079-5 MSDS Label
InTice Smart Ant Gel Rockwell Labs 73079-9 MSDS Label
InTice Thiquid Ant Bait Rockwell Labs 73079-7 MSDS Label
InVade Bio Cleaner Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
InVade Bio Drain Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
InVade Bio Foam Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
InVade Bioremediation Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
InVade Hot Spot Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
InVite Kil Zone Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS
Maki Block Liphatech 7173-202 MSDS Label
Maxforce Ant Gel Bayer 432-1264 MSDS Label
Maxforce FC Bayer 432-1262 MSDS Label
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations Bayer 432-1257 MSDS Label
Maxforce Fly Spot Bait Bayer 432-1455 MSDS Label
Maxforce Select Bayer 432-1259 MSDS Label
MotherEarth D Whitmire-Microgen 499-509 MSDS Label
Muscastick 24 inch Farnam N/A MSDS
Nibor-D Nisus 64405-8 MSDS Label
NyGuard MGK 1021-1603 MSDS Label
Pre Empt Liquid Ant Bait Bayer 3125-572 MSDS Label
Phantom BASF 241-392 MSDS Label
Pro-Control Total Release Whitmire-Microgen 499-465 MSDS Label
Pro-Control Plus Total Release Whitmire-Microgen 499-462 MSDS Label
PT375A Whitmire-Microgen 499-370 MSDS Label
Quick Strike Sandoz 2724-461 MSDS Label
Riptide MGK 1021-1785 MSDS Label
Rodent Rid Bell Labs 12455-17 MSDS Label
Roundup Weed & Grass Killer RTU Plus Monsanto 71995-33 MSDS Label
Stick-A-Fly (Eatons) JT Eaton N/A MSDS
Talon-G Pellets Syngenta 100-1057 MSDS Label
Talon-Weather Bdk XT Syngenta 100-1055 MSDS Label
Talstar One FMC 279-3206 MSDS Label
Talstar PL FMC 279-3168 MSDS Label
Talstar Professional FMC 279-3206 MSDS Label
Temprid FX Bayer 432-1544 SDS Label
Tempo SC Bayer 432-1363 MSDS Label
Tempo WP + CyKick CS Bayer/Whitmore-Microgen 432-1304/499-304 MSDS Label
Termidor BASF 7969-210 MSDS Label
Tri-Die Pressurized Whitmire-Microgen 499-385 MSDS Label
Timbor Nisus 64405-8 MSDS Label
Transport FMC 8033-96-279 MSDS Label
Ultracide Whitmire-Microgen 499-404 MSDS Label
Weatherblok XT Syngenta 100-1055 MSDS Label
Weed & Grass Killer 2 Green Thumb 67760-47-9688 MSDS Label
X-Lure RTU JF Oakes/Russel N/A MSDS
Z pro 55 Speckoz 47000-73-72113 MSDS Label
ZP Bell Laboratories 12455-16 MSDS Label