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Bats have been around for more than 50 million years and are extremely beneficial mammals for our ecosystem. The overall bat population has been on a major decline due to constant habitat destruction, disease (such as white-nose syndrome), climate change, and invasive species to name a few. Wisconsin is home to eight different bat species, but only two of them commonly roost in man-made structures. These two bat species are the big brown bat and the little brown bat. Both species are extensively studied on the federal level by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Departments of Natural Resources as well as on the state level by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).  Both the, little brown bat and big brown bat are listed as “threatened species” in Wisconsin.

  • Bats inside your home.  Most oftentimes the bat flew in through an open door or window, possible the screens do not fit properly or you have a bat colony in the attic.  Confine the bat to one room by closing the door and stuffing a towel under the door.  We can then more easily find and remove the bat.  Once the bat is removed we will send it in for testing to make sure it does not have rabies and notify you with the results.  Be careful so you do not harm the bat.  We can also check your attic for bat colonies.
  • Waking up to a bat in the bedroom.  This presents a special problem because bats are huge carriers of rabies.   Again confine the bat to one room and stuff a towel under the door.  We will capture the bat and have it tested or it is advised that you have rabies shots!  Do not risk your life over this one, rabies has proven itself 100% fatal once symptoms show!  Even if you did not get bit you may still have been exposed.
  • Bats nesting in the attic.  This situation requires an expert to locate entry points and to install exclusion devices that will allow the bats out but prevent them from getting back in.  Bats will enter through cracks as small as ¼ inch and all entry points must be sealed.  This type of work can only be done when the young bats are old enough to survive on their own.  The WDNR protects bats and has determined that after August 15th or before June 1st is the best time to do this type of exclusion.  We will install the exclusion devices, seal cracks, and screen larger areas to prevent bats from re-entering the building.  We offer a one year warranty on our repairs.  Bat droppings should be removed and the insulation should be sanitized to prevent odor problems and kill any disease or pathogens carried in bat guano.
  • Bats resting on the outside of the building.  If you leave them alone they will not hurt anything and will leave on their own eventually.  We can remove the bat by hand and move them to a more habitable area such as wooded area several miles away.

We are Experts in Bat Exclusion Techniques and your satisfaction is our #1 priority!  We will inspect your building and give you a firm price on solving your unique situation.

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US CDC Rabies info

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