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Raccoons are major pest in the Madison area. They are destructive and will defecate in your attic causing odor and parasite issues.  Raccoons spread fleas, diseases, parasites, and can be rabid.  Raccoons are very strong animals and we have seen raccoons back into the soffit on a dormer and with the strength of their hind legs push the soffit up, pulling out the nails and getting into the house.  We have also seen them tear both vinyl and wood siding off or rip a roof vent off to get into the attic.  It is usually female raccoons doing this to have a safe place to drop their litter.  It is very common for raccoons to climb down an uncapped chimney and have their babies on top of the chimney flue. Spring is the most common time to have these problems with raccoons.

Kwik Kill offers many services associated with raccoon infestations.  First thing we do is inspect your home for entry points and routes onto your house.  We will determine if and where the raccoons are nesting and whether they have had their babies yet or not. The Exclusion process can then begin.

3 Goals of the Exclusion Process

  • Evict current wildlife from the structure
  • Provide the proper repair(s) to prevent wildlife from re-entry
  • Clean up any wildlife excrement left behind

Once these 3 goals are achieved you will gain piece of mind that your current wildlife concern has been remedied, repairs are made to prevent the return of future wildlife and any excrement containing potential diseases and parasites are removed providing your family a safe living space once again.

Excrement Clean-Up, Sanitization and Disinfectant Treatment – Most Important

  • Raccoons are known for carrying and transmitting multiple diseases such as Rabies, Leptospirosis, Giardiasis, Salmonella, or Baylisascaris.
  • Baylisascaris is a parasite that can infect animals and humans which come in contact with infected raccoon feces. The parasite can be absorbed through the skin and is strong enough to kill, which is why it is so important to remove this from your home.
  • Ectoparasites carried by raccoons include ticks, fleas and even itch mites.

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