Snake Extermination


Wisconsin has many variety of snakes but here in Dane county there are only three snakes that we encounter in homes. These are Milk Snakes, Garter Snakes, and Pine Snakes. None of them are poisonous but none the less we don’t want them in our homes.

Most of these snakes enter basements in search of mice. They will pick up mouse scent on the outside along foundations and follow it in through the same holes that the mice use. Our Mouse Proofing & Rodent Exclusion service will find the entry points and seal them up preventing future pest issues. We will install non toxic glue traps inside to catch any snakes that were sealed in. We will advise you on the habitat that attracts snakes to your property and offer suggestions on how to eliminate it. This is typically a one time service.


For more info check out the link below:

Snakes of Wisconsin- WI DNR.pdf



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