Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a major problem in the Madison area. They will nest in attics and garages, and if left alone they will occupy these areas for many generations. Gray Squirrels are the most problematic. They not only cause significant damage to the soffits by chewing holes, but they also chew on wires and can cause electrical fires. What usually attracts them to these areas are branches too close to the house, deteriorated soffits or fascia, lack of screening on roof and gable vents, and the availability of food.  It may be difficult to eliminate all food sources, but bird feeders are a good place to start.  Kwik Kill addresses all these factors when excluding squirrels from your structure.

Most Gray Squirrel Exclusion can be completed in a 3 step process:

  • Initial Exclusion
  • Allow 2 weeks for animals to leave without re-entry
  • Final Exclusion & Clean up

Gray Squirrel Exclusion may include repair to soffit or fascia, or screening damaged vents, chimney caps or attic fan guards where squirrels have chewed into the structure.

In severe cases Excrement Clean up is a very important last step to preventing future Nuisance Wildlife from returning and to protect yourself from potential diseases or ectoparasites.

  • Gray squirrels are known for carrying and transmitting multiple diseases such as Salmonella, Lyme’s Disease, Tularemia and Rabies.
  • Ectoparasites carried by squirrels include ticks, fleas and even itch mites.

All Exclusion services we provide include a 1 year warranty.  Details of our Warranty are on our Exclusion Warranty page.

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