Animal Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion is a very important aspect in the ongoing effort to  keep families in our service area safe from a variety of Wildlife seeking out their homes for places to live.  Bats, Woodpeckers, Raccoons, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels and others are constantly looking to invade structures.  These animals can carry a variety of diseases, parasites and ectoparasites including Rabies, Baylisascaris, Histoplasmosis, Fleas, Bird Mites and Bat Bugs. 

All Exclusion Services we provide have the same principals but can differ slightly from one pest to another.  However, all services do have the same three main goals; exclude Nuisance Wildlife from the structure, provide the proper repair(s) to prevent wildlife from re-entry, and remove any wildlife excrement left behind.

3 Goals of the Exclusion Process

  • Evict current wildlife from the structure
  • Provide the proper repair(s) to prevent wildlife from re-entry
  • Clean up any wildlife excrement left behind

Once these 3 goals are achieved customers will gain piece of mind that their current wildlife concern has been remedied, repairs are made to prevent the return of future wildlife and any excrement containing potential diseases and parasites are removed providing their family a safe living space once again. 

All Exclusion services we provide include a 1 year warranty.  Details of our Warranty are on our Exclusion Warranty Page.

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