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Kwik Kill Pest Controls Monthly Woodpecker Prevention has been developed using our knowledge and expertise gained in over 40 years in the pest control industry as well as following all WI DNR best management practices.

Woodpeckers are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and cannot be killed.  As always we follow all Federal and Wisconsin DNR best management practices for our woodpecker deterrent services.

Monthly Woodpecker Prevention


Our Monthly Woodpecker Prevention will give you the best long term results on repelling all species of woodpeckers. Upon the initial service we will install one of our BirdXPeller Pro woodpecker audio deterrent boxes with an extension speaker as well as installing bird flashers and sealing all cavities. The audio box will methodically play predator bird calls which will scare the current woodpecker(s) away. After the initial service we will provide weekly visits over the first month until current pesky woodpecker(s) are evicted. Once problem woodpeckers are evicted, monthly services will continue.

Monthly Services will be performed to make sure all new woodpeckers searching for harborage and food won’t try and make your home their new home. Each month we will inspect the bird flashers, adjust the audio box settings and fill holes if needed.

A one year agreement is required to start Monthly Woodpecker Prevention.

For homes with a small amount of damage such as 1-2 cavities or at first sight of damaging woodpeckers, our one time Visual Woodpecker Service can be very effective.  However, if activity returns after 30 days we recommend our Guaranteed Monthly Woodpecker Prevention for long term results.

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Monthly Woodpecker Prevention Services

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