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Commercial Ant Exterminator Service

Ants are a major problem in commercial accounts such as schools, churches, factories, warehouses, restaurants, or offices. Carpenter and Pavement Ants are the two most common ants associated with commercial accounts in the Madison area. Both can be eliminated with single Extermination services or prevented with ongoing Commercial Pest Prevention.

Pavement Ants are a small black or brown ant about 1/8th inch long most commonly found in buildings with slab construction. These ants nest outside or inside under concrete slabs and are often found in kitchens, dining rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, or offices. In warehouses they will come out of cracks in the slab or be found along baseboards or on top of office desks or break room counters. Pavement Ants can be controlled by baiting the inside and providing treatment outside.

Carpenter Ants are also a problem in Commercial accounts. They will infest any areas that have had moisture problems in the past. This could include in window or door frames, behind siding, in your soffits or attic. They are a real eye sore for employees and customers due to their size and perception of poor sanitation. Once Carpenter Ants are established they’ll do serious damage to your building and can even compromise your structural integrity. Call the Experts Today for a Commercial Ant Extermination evaluation to meet your specific needs!

Once Ants are eliminated Commercial Monthly Preventative Service may be your best option keep you pest Free.

Commercial Ant Extermination Services

There are many types of common pests that routinely invade homes in the Madison area. At Kwik Kill, we are experts in solving each one of these unique pest control problems.

As the season’s change, so do the types of pests that can invade your home. We have pest control solutions for any time of year, whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny outside.

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Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant Identification in Madison, WI Carpenter ants belong to the genus Camponotus, which includes over 1,000 species worldwide. The ones that we deal with in Madison, Wisconsin are mostly all black in color (Pennsylvanicus) and they vary in size from 6mm to 20mm (1/4 to 3/4 inch), depending on...

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Pavement Ant

Identification Pavement ants are small, dark brown to black ants that can be a nuisance in your home or business. They are named pavement ants because they often nest under sidewalks, building slabs, and large rocks. They can also enter your structure through cracks in the foundation walls and interior...

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Thief Ant

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, you may have encountered a tiny ant that seems to be everywhere. This ant is called the thief ant, and it is a common pest in the area. Thief ants are named for their habit of stealing food and brood from other ants. How...

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