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Commercial Fruit Fly Extermination

Fruit Flies, Vinegar Flies, Drain Flies and Fly Moths are all the result of sanitation deficiencies within a commercial account. Moisture and decaying or fermenting organic matter are the cause of these flies. We will inspect and identify the breeding sites and offer solutions in your sanitation program that will deny these flies what they need to exist. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning a few drains to eliminate their breeding sites or running a fan to keep floors dry and eliminate moisture problems. Over 35 years experience has made us your best partner to eliminate Fruit Flies in your bar or restaurant.

If you are having Fruit Fly problems, call the experts at Kwik Kill and we will perform an inspection to identify breeding areas, offer sanitation improvements, and offer products to eliminate the adult flies along with bacteria eating enzymes to eliminate the crud they breed in. We include this service in our Monthly Pest Prevention Program.

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