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Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial Pest Control Services Whenever You Need Them

Industries Served

  • Food Service
  • Restaurants & Taverns
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Day Care
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Property Management

Monthly Pest Prevention Service

This service is well suited for any business that handles or stores food. Mice, Flies, Fruit Flies and Cockroaches are very common pests that will reproduce rapidly. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach to preventing these pests. A thorough inspection will identify the conditions needed for their survival. Constant monitoring using glue traps and mechanical traps will ensure early detection, and preventive treatment will eliminate them before they become established. Our service is based on Inspecting, Monitoring and Preventative Treatments. A well documented report is submitted after each service to inform you of our findings.

Our initial service includes a thorough inspection of your building and property. We will determine what conditions are present that can lead to pest issues. We will advise you on sanitation issues that allow pests food or breeding areas and offer suggestions to correct these conditions. We will inspect the condition of the building for deficiencies that may allow pests to get in. We will seal small holes to prevent mice and rats from entering and advise you of any other repairs that are needed. We will then install monitors, traps and bait stations that we will check on each monthly service. If we find that cockroaches are a problem we will design a control strategy to eliminate them and prevent their return. We will consult with you on any special requirements that you have and include that in our service contract.

Each monthly service we provide will include a follow up inspection, checking and replacing insect monitors as needed, checking rodent traps and bait stations, providing treatment on the outside to eliminate seasonal pests, filling out any paper work you require, consultation with you on what we have found, documentation of what we have found and applied.


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