Asian Lady Beetle Extermination


Asian Lady Beetles were first introduced as a beneficial insect to control aphids but have turned into a major pest in WI.  Asian beetles breed outside in leaf litter and spend their summers feeding on aphids and other small bugs.  After a good frost they loose their food source and this signals to them it’s time to find a hibernating area for the winter.

Large masses will leave the fields and fly to homes seeking harborage.  Typically this happens in the afternoon when temperatures have reached 65 degrees and the sun is on the south or western side of the house.  They crawl on the siding and find their way in around windows, vents, doors, attics, or cracks in the foundation.  Once in they spend the winter but will become active all winter long inside.  On warmer or sunny winter days they become confused and find their way inside becoming a nuisance flying around inside your home all winter long.  Some people have developed allergies to them and they can leave stains on curtains and walls.

Asian beetles are best controlled with an outdoor treatment in the fall before they get in.  Usually Sept 15 thru October is best.  If you waited and they are already in, we can treat the inside too.  We recommend our Fall Invasion Treatment as a one time treatment or this service is included in our Home Protection Program.


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