Bed Bug Extermination


Bedbugs are becoming a major pest in the US.  They are difficult to control and the homeowner will not have success getting rid of them on their own.  It may be impossible to determine how you got them but they are often spread by picking up used furniture or traveling to places that have them.  Overnight guests can bring them in with luggage or bedding.  In multifamily housing bedbugs will easily spread by themselves.

They are called bedbugs because they live in, on or close to your bed.  When you fall asleep they come out and feed on you.  Many people are allergic to bedbug bites and their bites will turn into sores.  If you suspect you have bedbugs, start by inspecting your sheets, mattress and box springs for small black spots or smears of blood on the sheets.  Adult bedbugs are about the size of a ladybug.  Often times you will find clusters of bugs around the seams of the mattresses or around the underside of box springs. If bedbugs are found be careful to prevent them from spreading.  Call a professional!

We have a lot of experience treating bedbugs and get excellent results but customer cooperation is important.  We use a chemical treatment to eliminate them.

If you suspect you have bedbugs, research our link below before you call.  This link is very educational and will answer most or you questions.


For more info check out the link below:

Bed Bugs – University of Kentucky Entomology


Bed Bug Treatment Prep Sheet



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