Box Elder Bug Extermination


Box elder bugs become pests in the fall when they congregate on buildings searching for winter harborage.  Large numbers can find their way into walls or around windows and doors.  On warm sunny days during the winter, they will become active and find their way inside.  Some people can develop allergies to them.

Box elder bugs are easiest to control outside in the fall before they get in.  Spraying soapy water on them is a home remedy but there is no residual effect so you must contact every bug and repeat the application continually, daily, hourly to get good results.  We recommend our Fall Invasion Treatment or this service is included in our Home Protection Program.


For more info check out the link below:

Box Elder Bugs – University of Minnesota – Describes habits of box elder bugs and methods of control. Includes color photos. For anyone concerned about box elder bugs.


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