Fruit Fly Extermination


Fruit flies have become a major pest in taverns, restaurants, bakeries, wineries and other food handling facilities. These are small flies about 3mm long with red eyes, tan thorax, and an abdomen that is black on top and gray on the bottom. Adult flies often enter though screens or open doors or may be introduced on fruit and vegetable deliveries. Adult flies will locate decaying or fermenting mass and deposit eggs that hatch within 30 hours. The eggs hatch into a larva that feeds on the organic material for 5 or 6 days before pupating. Adults will emerge and mate starting the process all over. Adults can lay 500 eggs and complete their life cycle in 8 days. You can have several thousand flies in a matter of a few weeks.

Fly sprays will not solve your problem. The experts at Kwik Kill will identify the breeding areas and offer suggestions on better sanitation procedures. Usually this involves identifying and removal of the organic materials that the eggs are laid in.  Bacteria eating enzymes can be used in drains or areas where fruit flies breed to help eliminate food sources.

We will bring sanitation deficiencies and make suggestions to eliminate fruit flies on each service with our Monthly Pest Prevention Program.

One-time evaluations and consultations can also be provided to further educate you on controlling your fruit fly population.  Additional information can be found on our Commercial Fruit Fly Extermination page.


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