German Cockroach Extermination


The German Cockroach is by far the most common roach in the world. They are found in restaurants and homes or anywhere food is processed, served or stored. An adult is ½ inch long, brown in color with two dark streaks on its thorax. It is most active at night and will disappear when the lights are turned on. This roach will populate very fast with favorable conditions.

Good sanitation is necessary and eliminating water and moisture will help in eliminating this pest. Recent advances in baits have made it possible to get rid of this pest in one or two treatments with good customer co-operation and proper sanitation. If the infestation is severe, or reintroduction is likely, our Commercial Monthly Pest Prevention service is your best option to gain and keep them under control in a commercial account.

Many people mistakenly believe that only – dirty – people get cockroaches, but this is a myth. Every home or commercial kitchen has the potential to have a cockroach problem. Contact us to learn more about our Cockroach Extermination Service.


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