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Odorous House Ants are 1/10 inch long and brown to black in color. These ants are common outside under rocks and boards and can infest homes. They do not cause damage but can infest homes in large numbers. An inspection around the outside may reveal ants trailing up the foundation and siding then entering the home through small holes. Home owners will have a difficult time controlling these ants because of the large size of the colonies.  Odorous House Ants colonies are the largest of any ants in out region ranging from 2,000-10,000 or more individuals per colony.  Colonies will also have multiple satellite colonies and one property can and will harbor numerous colonies.   Our service can quickly eliminate colonies inside walls and outdoor treatments will prevent their return.

The near west side of Madison and downtown area have huge problems with Odorous House Ants.  Some neighborhoods harbor literally millions of these ants.  It is common to see trails of thousands of ants relocating their nests.  This is often seen crossing sidewalks or driveways during the summer months.  They will move their colonies approximately every three weeks or more often if they feel threatened for any reason.  This constant migration presents struggles in controlling Odorous House Ants in these neighborhoods where we may recommend a seasonal service to gain results and prevent re-infestation.

We offer a one-time, seasonal or our Home Protection Program to control Odorous House Ants.


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