Millipede Extermination

Millipedes are an occasional invader in and around the Madison, Wi area.  Millipedes are an outdoor turf and landscape pest that will invade buildings looking for areas of high moisture.  It is common to have large numbers outside in areas of high moisture such as wooded areas, in mulch beds, under logs, rock walls, around the foundation or hidden in thick vegetation. Inside it is common for them to invade a basement.  Best control measure inside is to run a dehumidifier and hold humidity at or below 40%.  One property can harbor 10’s of thousands of Millipedes.

Exterior Moisture Control is another important measure property owners should take to reduce Millipedes outside and drive them away from the home.  Below is a checklist that you can follow to help reduce Millipedes and gain the best control possible in combination with our treatment.

  • Mowing lawns short and eliminating thatch
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves away from the structure
  • Reduce mulch around the foundation
  • Direct water runoff away from the structure
  • Only water during the day so excess moisture can dry up before evening
  • Trim trees and shrubs 18-24 Inches away from the structure to allow airflow to the foundation
  • Keep drains and gutters free of leaves or other debris

Our Millipedes Reduction Treatment is an application of a repellent material around the foundation, landscaping, rock walls and landscape beds.

Once inside they will normally be found in basement and often clump together in corners.  We have seen and controlled clumps of millipedes the size of softballs in residential basements.  Millipedes can be reduced with a one or two time service or reduced but not Guaranteed on our Home Protection Program.

For more info check out the link below:

Millipedes- Univ of Tennessee

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