Pavement Ant Extermination


Pavement ants are small about 1/8 inch long and are brown to black in color. They are a common problem in buildings that are built on a slab. Many commercial buildings like warehouses, schools, daycare, offices, retail, and manufacturing facilities have slab construction. The ants are usually seen around the baseboards or coming out of expansion cracks on the floor. The worker ants will climb onto desks or counter tops looking for food. These ants are difficult for you to control because only a few of them actually leave the colony in search of food. It is common to see 10 to 30 ants but the rest of the colony is under the floor slab and may contain 10,000 to 30,000 individuals.

The experts at Kwik Kill have a treatment plan that will eliminate the entire colony and prevent them from returning. We use the foraging worker ants to introduce a non-repellent toxin into the colony that will kill all the ants including the queen. This material will only kill ants and will not affect non target organisms. After eliminating the ants under the slab, it is necessary to treat around the outside to prevent the ants from re infesting the building. Large colonies can be present under sidewalks, rocks, or air conditioning slabs. We will apply a non-repellent, transferable material that the ants take back into the colony, and eliminate the entire colony, including the queens.

Residential Pavement Ant Elimination & Prevention or our Home Protection Program are recommended for homes.

Commercial Pavement Ant Extermination or our Monthly Pest Prevention programs are recommended to eliminate and get long term results against Pavement Ants in your business.


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