Spider Extermination


Spiders can be a huge problem for both Residential and Commercial properties.  Homes surrounded by woods or near water seem to be worst.  Lake homes especially can be totally covered in spiders making your home look dirty or neglected.  Gnats, lake flies or other insects get caught in webs and make entryways look unapproachable.  Our Home Protection Program, Seasonal Monthly or One-Time Services will give you great results against spiders.

You would not think of spiders as a pest of commercial accounts but what kind of a first impression would you have if you were sitting by the window having dinner and down comes a big, fat, hairy spider.  This happens all the time and gives your customers the impression that you have other bug issues or you don’t pay attention to details.  Any business can have spiders but they don’t have to.  Spiders are a very preventable pest.  Something as simple as changing your outdoor lighting to an amber color will attract fewer flying insects and in turn provide less food for spiders.  Lighted signs attract insects and spiders cover them with webs making a big mess.  Large spiders will excrete feces that streaks down windows and siding.  You pay good money to keep those windows clean only to have spiders mess them up again.

Our Commercial Pest Prevention Service will eliminate those pesky spiders and prevent them from coming back to your business.


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