Umbrella Wasp Extermination


Umbrella Wasps are very common in the Madison, WI area. They are often confused with Yellow jackets but their nesting habits are very different. Paper wasps will build an exposed nest under the overhangs of buildings or in sheltered areas such as under decks, behind shutters, in outdoor grills, hot tubs, storage sheds or clothes line poles. They are not as aggressive as yellow jackets but their sting can be painful.

In the Spring when temps get into the 60’s they emerge from hibernation and look for suitable nesting sites. Many times large numbers of them can be seen on the sunny sides of homes trying to get in behind trim boards or soffits. This is an excellent time to provide treatment because if you kill these queens now you will not have large nests later in the summer.

We offer an annual prevention treatment that will control these pests all summer long. The best time for prevention is in April or May but we can eliminate them any time of the year with our Wasp Extermination. We are able to treat almost any nest within 25ft from ground level.  Our service also includes knocking down nests within approximately 20ft.  Our Home Protection Program will also give you wasp control year round, Guaranteed!


For more info check out the link below:

Umbrella wasp.pdf- Washington State University



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