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Carpenter Ant Control

We Exterminate the Carpenter Ants AND Their Colony

Carpenter Ants cause more structural damage than any other insect pest in Wisconsin including termites. Nesting colonies can burrow through wooden beams and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Most “do it yourself remedies” simply repel or kill some of the worker ants giving you temporary results. We are experts in eliminating carpenter ants and offer a guaranteed solution!

Our service will identify the conditions that carpenter ants need to survive and offer suggestions on how to eliminate those conditions; we will eliminate the worker ants and kill the nesting queens inside as well as outside. We offer a once per year solution that will eliminate these destructive ants from in and around your home. Our treatment is backed by a full season warranty in writing and is transferable should you sell your home. Annual Carpenter Ant Prevention will renew your warranty every year at a discounted rate for uninterrupted protection.

Carpenter Ants are social insects that may have several thousand individuals in a colony. Only a few of the ants actually leave the nest to forage for food. These are the ones you see in your home. Foraging worker ants can travel over 100 yards from the nesting colony. The majority of the ants never leave the nest. Their job is to expand the colony and facilitate the egg laying process. Without eliminating the queen you will never get long term results against Carpenter Ants. To eliminate these ants it is important to find the nesting colonies. This can be difficult as there may be multiple colonies and they may be nesting beyond the boundaries of your property.

Modern technology has developed a material that will kill the nesting colonies by using the foraging worker ants to introduce the material deep inside the colony, eliminating the Queen and all other ants within the colony. After a thorough inspection of your home and property, we will determine the routes the worker ants travel and apply a material which is non repellent and transferable. The foraging worker ants contact this material and through social interaction pass it on throughout the entire colony. Results are seen after three days as dead ants start to appear and activity decreases. Our treatment will remain active up to six months, eliminating carpenter ants and their nesting colonies all summer long. This treatment has revolutionized Carpenter Ant Control by eliminating the need for monthly service and saving you in labor costs. We are the experts in this service and results are Guaranteed in Writing!

Carpenter Ant Prevention is available to previous customers. We will inspect the outside of your home and apply a material that will prevent these ants from returning for the entire season, guaranteed. This service is provided at a discounted rate and must be performed before June 15th. By providing this service once a year we will renew your warranty for another season.

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