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Integrated Mosquito Management

Kwik Kill Pest Control practices Integrated Mosquito Management to provide you with the most effective service available. Our service includes a thorough inspection of your property to identify the breeding sources as well as resting and staging areas.  A Written Inspection Report will be given to you at your Initial Service.  Our source reduction practices will stop mosquitoes from breeding with customer co-operation.  We’ll design a custom treatment plan for your property and provide treatment to kill mosquitoes at their resting areas.

Our Mosquito Management Program will use the most effective materials and practices that have the least effect on non target animals. Our service is pet and family friendly.

IMM Includes:

  • Inspection of Property
  • Written Inspection Report for Customer
  • Source Reduction Practices
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Treatments are pet and family friendly

Your Integrated Mosquito Management Program

Now that we have inspected your property for mosquito breeding sites as well as their staging or daytime resting sites, we are able to implement a program that will allow you to enjoy your yard and protect your family from the diseases spread by mosquitoes.

The mosquito season starts in May and runs through September.  Our materials are effective for 3 to 4 weeks and need to be reapplied for continuous control.  We will contact you 2 days before we arrive for each service.  There is no need for you to be home.  We will leave post treatment instructions along with any recommendations.  We will provide you with documentation pertaining to the materials we applied and any precautions you need to take.  As always we use the least toxic materials that provide the best results and has the least effect on our environment.  All materials are registered by the EPA and approved for mosquito control.  We follow labels and safety precautions explicitly and they are always available to you on our Safety & Health Info page.

All technicians are State of WI certified, licensed and insured in 5.0 mosquito control, 7.1 structural pest control, and 3.0 lawn & landscape applications.

We have solutions to most pest issues including Insect Control, Animal Control and Rodent Control.


Mosquito Transmitted Diseases

Mosquitoes are getting a lot of press lately because of the Zika Virus that is quickly spreading in South and Central America. It affects pregnant women and the unborn child with life threatening birth defects. The West Nile Virus causes swelling of the brain in animals, humans and birds that can lead to death. La Crosse Encephalitis is transmitted by mosquitoes in the central part of our state causing neurological problems in children. Dog Heartworm is a roundworm that is transmitted to dogs that accumulate in the heart and may cause death. These are some of the reasons our clients want them eliminated.

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