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Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants are a small black or brown ant that invades homes. They are often seen trailing on the floor along edges of carpets, baseboards or around entry doors. Once inside they will nest under wood floors, under tile or in the walls. Pavement Ant colonies vary in size from 50-4,000 ants and one property can harbor numerous colonies. They present a challenge to home owners because of the large numbers of them outside and the lack of over the counter products available to control them. Eliminating Pavement ants in your home is not as easy as setting bait traps picked up from your local hardware store. We understand the social behavior and nesting processes of these ants and have designed a service to quickly eliminate their entire colony including the worker ants inside your home, nesting colonies around the outside and the egg laying queens deep within the colony. All this can be done professionally without any harm to your children, pets or any other non target organisms.

We will apply non toxic gel bait along the baseboards or counters where the foraging Pavement Ants have been seen inside. The worker ants will feed on this bait and return to the colony to regurgitate the bait to feed the queens. The active ingredient in our bait is released inside the digestive tract of the Pavement Ants. This bait has no precautions for children, pets or non target organisms and is only effective against ants. This will result is shutting down the egg laying process and eliminating most of the worker ants. Most activity will stop within a couple days to a week.

We will also treat the outside perimeter of your home with a non repellent and transferable material. The worker ants will contact this material and unknowingly introduce it deep inside the colonies killing the queens and all other ants. This application is effective for several months and will prevent you from being re-infested later on in the season. Depending on level of infestation we may recommend a follow up service in 3-4 weeks to re inspect inside and out, provide additional treatment if needed and leave you with our Guarantee. Now that all your Pavement Ants are eliminated this year take a proactive approach and prevent your problems next year.

Pavement Ant Prevention should be done in the spring before May 15th to prevent you from becoming re-infested again next year. We will apply the same material on the outside perimeter of the building along the foundation, sidewalks, driveways, patios, rocks and other nesting areas. This will offer control all season long. We offer this service at a reduced price before May 15th and stand behind it until October 15th of that year. We would recommend Pavement Ant Prevention every year to prevent any future problems with these ants. If you have Pavement Ant Prevention done each year we can guarantee you will enjoy an ant free environment at a very reasonable price. Our Home Protection Program is another option to control a wide variety of insect pests that are common in our area.

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