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Fall Invasion Service

Pest Proof Your Home for the Winter

Insects like Box Elder Bugs, Umbrella Wasps, Conifer Seed Beetles, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles hibernate inside your home for the winter. Our service will kill them outside before they get in providing you a pest free environment. As summer passes and the cooler temperatures signal fall is here, insect populations have peaked and the migration begins. Large numbers of insects search for the warmth of your home to ensure their survival over winter. They enter homes through attics, vents, foundations, behind siding and around doors and windows. Once inside they are more difficult to control.

Our Fall Invasion Treatment is a onetime service that will kill them as they arrive and before they get in. Eliminating these insect pests outside will prevent them from appearing in your home all winter long. Timing is important for this service but in the Madison, Wisconsin area, September 15th through October is usually best. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this service.

If other insect pests are a problem throughout the year our Home Protection Program will prevent not only your Fall Invaders but at least 15 other common pests with only 4 services per year and is also guaranteed!

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