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Wasp Extermination

Umbrella wasps are a problem when they build their nests in close proximity to people and pets. They build an open faced combed nest in sheltered areas like outdoor lighting, soffits, behind shutters, in sheds, under decks, in planter boxes, clothes line poles, grills, basketball poles and hot tubs. They can be very aggressive and their sting can cause allergic reactions. For how reasonably priced our Wasp Elimination Services are most homeowners will agree it’s no longer worth climbing on ladders with cans of wasp spray from the hardware store just to hit a nest and have foaming chemicals and stinging wasps fall back onto you while jumping and running away as fast as you can.

Wasp Extermination Services include treating and removing nests around your home within 20-25 feet. Our materials will be applied under gutters, overhangs, decks, into peaks, behind shutters and anywhere else where wasps may be nesting. In the rare case of nests being out of reach we are often able to treat them by getting onto the roof or treating them through a window. All of our Wasp Elimination services can be done during the day time hours and we do have protective equipment to prevent ourselves from being stung if needed. After your home is treated to eliminate wasps you can take a preventative approach in the future by treating a few times a year in the spring, summer and fall.

Wasp Prevention should be started in the spring when temps get into the 60’s and the overwintering queens start emerging from hibernation to begin building their nests. By treating the probable nesting spots with a residual material we can eliminate the queens as they arrive. We will then remove the old nests and recommend a follow up service in 6 to 8 weeks for control all summer long. Customers who want to take advantage of Wasp Prevention services will be given a discounted rate because like anything else they’re easier to prevent than eliminate and if done at the right time we won’t need to knock down or remove old nests after treating.

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