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Rodent Control

Rodents including House Mice, Deer Mice, Field Mice, Shrews, Norway Rats and Chipmunks are major problems in the Madison area. These rodents have been breeding all summer long and when fall arrives they look for a warm place to spend the winter. Mice, rats and chipmunks will follow the outside perimeter of buildings looking for small holes they can chew to gain entry. Once inside they have free rein to go wherever they want, usually showing up in the kitchen, basement, garage or attic. We are experts in identifying the problem pest and the conditions conducive to their survival.

Our Mouse proofing and Rodent Remediation Service will locate rodent entry points and seal them up, preventing more rodents from getting in. We will identify their food sources and identify areas of infestation. We will then exterminate the mice inside and make suggestions on preventing their return. We take special precautions to make our services pet and family friendly.

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