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Chipmunks, gophers and 13 lined ground squirrels are often confused but they are different animals with different habits and food preferences. We use the same control methods for both of them. Chipmunks become a problem when their populations get out of control due to lack of predators. They become mischievous when they dig up bulbs in the garden, dig up planters, dig in rock walls or under patios, or burrow into walls to overwinter.


  • Omnivores feeding on nuts, seeds, small fruits, plants, insects, bird eggs, fungi
  • Rusty brown with 9 black stripes, sits on haunches with hands in mouth feeding
  • Mate early spring, 4-5 pups in litter, sometimes 2nd litter in late summer, 31 day gestation period, lives up to 3 years
  • Most active early am or later in afternoon, prefers forested areas, ½ acre range
  • Expansive burrows with a latrine and debris area and living quarters.
  • Good climbers but usually stick to the ground.


Burrow baiting is a two service treatment.  At the initial service bait stations will be placed and all of the burrows will be baited and filled with dirt.  The second service is performed 2-3 weeks after the initial.  At this service any new burrows will be baited again and the bait stations will be picked up unless you want to start a Seasonal Monthly Outdoor Rodent Prevention Program (April-November).

Our Rodent Prevention Program is also a great preventative measure for the future to greatly reduce rodent populations outside.  This will reduce the chances of them chewing holes into your home or digging holes around your foundation or around rock walls, patios or entryways.

For more info check out the link below:

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