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Mole Extermination


Moles are an outdoor pest of lawns.  They feed on grubs and worms under the sod and can damage up to 100 feet of well manicured lawn in one day.  There are many ways to get rid of moles including traps, poison pellets, and mole chasers.  Traps can be successful if you can identify the primary runs and place them there.  Poison pellets do not work very well due to low bait acceptance.  Mole chasers are a device that produces a vibration that the moles find irritating.  I have heard good and bad about them. Some lawn care companies may recommend applying a grubacide to the lawn.  This may help the following year by reducing the grubs but they will still have worms to feed on.

Our service uses a specialty bait that mimics their natural food, earthworms.  A single feeding will kill them with in 24 hours.  An initial inspection of your lawn will identify the active primary runs and then bait is placed underground preventing any exposure to children or pets.  Total mole control can be expected in one or two baitings.


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