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Mice including the House Mouse and Field Mice are major problems in the Madison area.  When Fall arrives, large numbers of rodents that have been breeding all summer long will invade buildings.  The adult House Mouse is gray, about 3 inches long and weighs 1/2 to 1 ounce.  They are prolific breeders.  Mice mature at 35 days and can produce a litter of 6 to 8 in 21 days.  They are commensal rodents meaning they share food with man.

House mice will gnaw through food packages contaminating the contents.  Then they urinate and defecate on your counters, plates, and food handling surfaces.  They are known to spread many germs and diseases and are a major health threat in restaurants, warehouses, food processing and storage as well as the home environment.  Mice will gnaw on wires and can damage equipment or cause fires.  We take them seriously and our service will quickly eliminate them and prevent their return.

Field Mice breed outside but also invade buildings in the fall.  They are the size of the house mouse but are brown with white bellies.  They are commonly found in the basements and attics.  Country homes have the biggest problems with field mice.  Modern construction methods allow mice to chew holes in walls or crawl up corners of siding.  We are experts in finding these entry points and blocking them up providing long term control.

Our Mouse Proofing Service or Commercial Mouse Extermination is step 1 to eliminate a current Rodent Infestation.  Then, one of our monthly Rodent Prevention Programs  will help to prevent rodent problems from returning.

Our Home Protection Program is also a great program which will include both Insect and Rodent Control.

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