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Vole Extermination

Meadow Voles or Voles are a common outdoor rodent in Dane County especially in new neighborhoods. If left undisturbed in their natural environment they would not even be a pest. When fields are torn up to build homes, large numbers of voles are displaced and become pests. Voles do not infest homes but will damage lawns or kill expensive shrubbery by eating the bark and roots. Gardeners will find voles eating their squash and root crops. Often times vole damage is observed in the spring when the snow melts and their runs are exposed. Meadow voles can have up to 12 litters a year with 1 to 11 babies per litter. Female voles will form a ball of grass in your lawn to have babies in. These babies grow very fast and will be able to breed in a few weeks.

To make your yard less attractive to voles, cut your grass short and avoid planting low growing shrubs. It is a good idea to mow fields around your home to eliminate harborage. If you observe damage, our Rodent Prevention Program will reduce the vole population around your home. This is a very reasonable priced service and will control mice, rats and other rodent pests as well.

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